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Questions and Answers - Residents

Q. Why are the fire hydrants colored different?

A. The Hydrants are color coded for the fire fighters to recognize the gallons per minute it flows.

Q. Why does the fire department respond to medical calls?

A. The fire department are trained in the medical field also and we respond to assist the medics and the community with manpower and basic life support issues.

Q. Does the department have a fire prevention program?

A. Yes, The department has Three Programs in Prevention and Life Safety . They are Fire and Life safety Inspections of business, Public education program for all ages and Smoke detector program that we install in the homes of the elderly and families with kids that cannot afford them.

Q. What does a person have to do to become a volunteer firefighter for Graham?

A. Come by the station and pickup a application , pass a back ground check , be willing to train, Make 70% of all call back alarms , work well with others and be able to take orders.

Q. How many emergency calls does Graham Fire Rescue respond to in a year?

A. The Department responds to 900-1000 calls per year, 75% are medical-Rescue, 10 % are fire related , and 15% are service calls.

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