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Fire Codes

The City of Graham adopted the 2006 International Fire Code by ordinance in June of 2007 as the official Fire Code for the City. The adoption of the International Code meant that the City would use a nationally recognized code rather than using past experiences and ideas; thereby creating a more comprehensive plan for Fire and Life safety issues for Graham.

In 2010 the City adopted the 2006 Building Code thereby insuring that the two primary Life Safety Codes for the City worked as a team to make Graham as safe as possible.

The Codes work in tandem to insure buildings are built to current standards then maintained to those standards. These same Codes also require any building undergoing a major renovation or change in occupancy are required to comply with the same standards as a new building for the same occupancy.

It is the policy of Graham Fire Rescue and the City of Graham Building Code Office to assist any new business or existing business purchasing or remodeling a structure to identify and addressee code issues before they become an issue during construction phase. This service is offered free of charge to business and available by contacting Graham Fire Marshal at 940-549-4013 or the City Code Office at 940-549-3352.

Issues that are common are Occupancy levels, Fire extinguishment systems, Sprinkler requirements, Exit size and location, Emergency Lighting, Electrical Service connection, Key Lockboxes, and Gas service. These questions when addressed before a project starts can help decide if the particular building is the best answer for your needs and help to insure you have looked at everything that may cause an issue if not answered before construction begins.

We look forward to assisting you with your project and are available to answer questions and assist in any way possible.

Jerry David; Fire Marshal
Graham Fire Rescue
Graham Texas 76450

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